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Road Closure - Friday December 19th.
Dec 18, 2014


  1. Plans for Friday, December 19th Road Closure
  • Walworth County Sheriff and Highway Department personnel will be on scene.  Wisconsin State Patrol will have one squad on scene; WSP will continue with rig as an escort to layover beyond incident scene.  DTSD SE Region may have personnel on scene as well.
  • Closure of STH 120 is anticipated from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Closure is planned from intersection with STH 36 to US-12 interchange;
  • Closure of US-12 is anticipated from 9:00 a.m. for a brief period to allow Atalissa vehicle to back up and use interchange ramps to get turned around.  
  • Vic’s Crane should be on scene and ready to begin work to erect temporary jumper bridge by 7:00 a.m.
  • Wisconsin State Patrol will escort the vehicle over the jump bridge and to a layover in Juda, WI.   WSP will leave rig at the layover in Juda and send another squad to continue the trip on a subsequent day.
  1.   Schools:
  •  Lake Geneva and Lyons School Districts are still in session on Friday.  They have been advised of the Friday activity.   In addition, I spoke with Lake Geneva School Liaison Officer Ward who will report to his commander.   The STH 120 closure will affect bus pick up for Lake Geneva Schools – restricting the morning trip is certain and if STH 120 closure extends beyond 3:00 p.m. afternoon drop off will also be affected.   Ms. Siegler of DTC Bus company requests that her buses be allowed to travel past the closures up to the area of actual work on the temporary bridge from both directions…they will use surface streets to pick up students.
  • Mt. Zion Christian School is almost directly across from the bridge that will be jumped.  The administrator of the small school had been contacted by DTSD – SE and she has sent information to parents.   They have been given one alternate route to the school.   If parent must come down STH120 they are to identify themselves at the closure point at STH 36 and STH 120 and they will be allowed to pass to the school.


  1. Permits:
  • The original permit had a WI origin in Milwaukee and a WI destination of MN/WI border at STH 77.   As the load is an industrial shovel bucket usually employed in mining, we assumed that it was ultimately headed for North Dakota or western Canada.   We have since learned that the ultimate destination is Mexico through Arizona.    Travel from current position to Iowa would be a much shorter trip in WI…greatly reducing the escort burden for DSP,  avoiding snarling in utility lines and reducing unforeseen turning issues because the route to IA route is well vetted.
  • WI DOT Bridge Office evaluated and approved operation into IA over the US-18 bridge.   Iowa DOT has confirmed that the vehicle can enter at US-18 (Vehicle is too tall to enter at US-151.)
  • At 2:36 p.m. the Permit Section issued SS -002DD20143518 authorizing Atalissa to move from current site to Juda, WI on Friday, and then from Juda to IA/WI line when Atalissa provides their IA DOT permit.   We did not restrict Saturday or Sunday operation because WSP advised us, that as we move into the Christmas week, we need to optimize escort officer availability…and more officers are available on the weekends.

Please forward to anyone I may have missed.
Kathleen Nichols, Permit Chief
OSOW Permits  WisDOT
(608) 261-0393

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