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Chapter 29 Section 9.13
Jun 23, 2016



            Repair of Sidewalk.  The Town Board, or its designee under Sec. 66.0907(10) Wis. Stats., may order any sidewalk which is unsafe, defective, or insufficient to be repaired or replaced with a sidewalk in accordance with the standard fixed by the Town.

            A copy of the order directing such repair or replacement shall be served upon the parcel owner in front of which such work is ordered.  Service of the notice may be made by certified or registered mail to the address of the property or the address on the property tax bill.

            Whenever any such owner shall neglect for a period of twenty (20) days after such service to repair or replace any such sidewalk, the Town may cause such work to be done at the expense of such parcel owner.  The Town Board shall keep an accurate account of the expenses of repairing or replacing such sidewalk and report the same to the Town Treasurer, who shall prepare a statement of the expense so incurred, and shall bill the parcel owner thereof.  In the event of nonpayment, the amount charged to each parcel owner shall be entered in the tax roll as a special tax against said parcel of land and the same shall be collected in all respects like other taxes upon real estate.

            Standards for replacement or repair.  Whenever the following sidewalk defects are found to exist, an appropriate order for the replacement or repair of the sidewalk shall be made:

  1. When a sidewalk has a three-fourths-inch or greater height difference between sections, it shall be required that the entire section which is out of alignment be replaced and realigned.  Topping the lower slab with concrete or blacktop and/or using concrete or blacktop to ramp from the lower slab to the higher slab is only permitted as a temporary repair.
  2. When one or more cracks exist in a section with openings which are ¾ inch or larger, it shall be required that the entire section be replaced.
  3. When the scaling or cracking of a section makes the section unsafe, the entire section shall be required to be replaced.
  4. When a section has missing pieces it shall be replaced.
  5. When the height of a section caused isolated ponding of water, the entire section shall be required to be replaced or adjusted in elevation so that the ponding of water is eliminated.
  6. When the sidewalk has not been set to the required grade or line or does not comply with other specifications of these standards, it shall be repaired or replaced.

Adopted this 13th day of June 2016 by the Town Board of the Town of Lyons, Walworth County, Wisconsin.

William R. Mangold, Chairman         Paul Thomsen, Supervisor             William Henningfield, Supervisor


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