COVID-19 and Early/Absentee Voting Recommendations


In light of the recent threat of Coronavirus COVID-19, the Town of Lyons is highly recommending voting by mail for the upcoming Spring Election on April 7th.  This method of voting is available NOW. 

REGISTERED VOTERS:To vote by mail please visit myvote.wi.gov select the Vote Absentee tab on the far right of the page. Please follow the instructions to the end and submit.  Complete the application for ballot by following the steps required.  (steps outlined below)   

Upon receipt of your application the clerk will promptly mail a ballot to the address you submit.  Please allow 4-5 days for processing.  In the event of unforseen circumstances with the mail and you do not receive your ballot within a reasonable amount  of time or by April 2nd, please contact the clerk. 

Follow the instructions on the ballot for voting and returning to the clerk.

Online instructions:

NON_REGISTERED VOTERS: Voter registration has been extended to March 30th at the myvote.wi.gov site.  Register online NOW, so your name appears in the pollbook on April 7th.

Details for In-Person Absentee Voting and Voting on April 7th will be posted at a later date.