April 7th Election Day

Anyone that has NOT received your absentee ballots by mail, need to come in and VOTE in PERSON today!! The poll workers will be offering curbside voting for people with physical disabilities or serious health issues.

Also, if you have an absentee ballot that has not yet been returned they MUST be returned TODAY by placing them in the drop box or polling place, or they must be POSTMARKED today if mailed.


Turnout is low and social distancing is being practiced at the polls.

The Town of Lyons is moving forward with Elections on April 7th based on recommendations from the Wisconsin Towns Association and the Wisconsin Elections Commission that the order will most likely be overturned.

In a letter from the WTA this afternoon:

“Town Officials:

As a follow up to the note sent moments ago, the WEC just recommended that all clerks, poll workers, etc. continue to plan as if there WILL be an election tomorrow. They expect an appeal to the court yet today that could cause the election to take place. “