Highway 36 Closure

Construction to begin on Highway 36 by the State of Wisconsin on May 1st.

The timing will be roughly as follows:  

May 3 to May 30  Bridge over Highway 36 will be repaired.

                             Curbs, gutters and culverts will be installed in the Town.

May 7 to Aug 8  Ore Creek Bridge will be removed and replaced.

July 11 to Sept 4  The road will be surfaced.

July 17 to July 22  The Highway 36 Bridge will be resurfaced with polymer.

During construction, the State is detouring thru traffic on Highway 50.

 Local traffic can access downtown Lyons and Riverview Park via:

  • From Hwy 36 East.  You would take Hwy 36 West out of Burlington towards Lyons.  Turn left on Spring Valley Road just as you leave Burlington.  Follow Spring Valley to South Rd/Mill St. intersection in Lyons.  Turn right (North) and that will take you to the downtown area and Riverview Park
  • From the North on Hwy 43, Take Hwy 43 to 120. Go south on 120 to Hwy 11, turn left (East).  Take Hwy 11 to North Road(about 2.7 miles) and turn Right (South).  Continue on North Road, across Hwy 36 to Church St. and then into Lyons. 
  • From Hwy 120 Northbound, take Hwy 120 to Sheridan Springs Rd (East), or Buckby Rd to Sheridan Springs Rd, turn Left on Mill Street to Riverview Park or downtown area.
  • From the South via Hwy 50, turn North onto South Rd, South Rd will become Mill St. at the edge of town.  Continue straight to Riverview Park or the downtown area.