Post Election Update

The Town of Lyons Clerk would like to assure you that your vote has been counted and is part of the County/State statistics if you indeed participated in absentee, early in-person or day of election voting.
If you have been trying to track your ballot on the myvote.wi.gov web-site please be advised of the following:
  1. All absentee ballots that had been received by end of day on November 3rd were put through the machine immediately following election day voting was finished.
  2. The voter history of your registration/ballot may not show that it has been recorded as this is a manual process of entering this data into the state system. It may be approximately 2 weeks before this process is completed.
  3. Please be assured that the marker/pens that were used at in-person and day of voting are fast drying pens that were recommended by the ballot machine manufacturer.
Kuddos to our clerk and her team of poll workers for the great job they have done to take every measure possible to make the Town of Lyons election accurate.